Asian table setting with ideas without borders

Asian table setting with ideas without borders

New Elements Asia and tried-and-tested classics: clever Bowls, chinese chopsticks or an elegant set

Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Korean or Thai cuisine - all are full of imagination. Thus, you should also set your table with fantasy. The new Elements Asia, popular classics Turin but also our ideas on how to use them creatively will help you to do so.


that awaken the imagination

The new Elements Asia porcelain stimulates the visual imagination
of everyone at the table: Do the dots of the Earth version remind
us of planets orbiting the sun? Is it more like a flower that could
grow out of the ground? Or both? And what is the story behind the Fire,
Water and Wood versions? Let's argue about that,
for example when enjoying sushi with spicy wasabi.

The Japanese flag
will flutter on your table

The Flow Eco plates are shaped like a fluttering flag. However,
we think that you don't want to display a white flag in front
of the fancy dinner table. On the contrary: let your imagination
run wild and surprise your guests. Simply place a red sushi
in the middle of the plate and, in no time, you will find yourself
in the land of the rising sun.

Is someone new at the table?
Keep extra chopsticks in reserve.

A good company with a nicely set table will always be gladly
joined by someone new. Sometimes unexpectedly. So always
keep a few pairs of Chinese ebony chopsticks at hand.
Your guests will appreciate your willingness, but also
the lightness of the chopsticks and their properly
adjusted centre of gravity.

Asian set Turin Elite

The entire Turin Elite Asian set with 4 pairs of ebony chopsticks,
4 polished chopstick holders and 4 soup spoons seem so elegant
that the table setting does not look cluttered. This way,
people can fill the empty spaces with accessories as needed.

Speckled pattern
– a touch of freshness

The grey bowls with the speckled pattern Gaya Flowl Atelier
fit perfectly in a Thai restaurant, for example, to serve soy sauce
for the popular delicacy Pad Thai. Their glossy finish adds a touch
of elegance to the dining experience and makes serving food
extra special. They would fit perfectly in a Japanese restaurant
for serving ramen, for example.

Use it also for non-Asian dishes.
Finally, there are no limits
set to imagination.

Paradoxically, one of the biggest advantages of the Asian offer
is that you can also use it for non-Asian dishes. You can
make yoghurt with oatmeal, noodles, soups, nuts and even
Hawaiian poke in the bowls. Japanese immigrants also
contributed to its current form. In the original native recipe,
they replaced the reef fish with tuna, and in the island paradise
on Earth, heaven in mouth was born - Ahi Poke. And if you want
to stay true to the Pacific myth of Kumulimpo, according to which
everything was created from the water, the Gaya sand bowls are
just what you need - they are designed according to the motifs
of the ocean and beach.


The world belongs to clever bowls.
The saved space belongs to you.

Flowl porcelain fits wonderfully into each other, and in addition
to the clever usage, washing and placement, it can also
be cleverly stowed away. You have the choice between
Gaya Flowl Atelier White, Speckled, Night Sky and Glacial Ice.

You can also eat
the takeaway food in style.

It's not hard to develop a prejudice against takeaway meals
- they come in disposable packaging and it's like it's not even
a complete meal. But we don't have to pigeonhole everything.
The solution is simple. Just choose something from our selection
of bowls, like the cool Gaya Atelier Glacial White
with the Acacia Wood Tray, and you'll want to eat
your delivered meal at home from these bowls only.

A surprise that has both
value and heart

A bought gift - that's probably a gift without imagination.
Personalized, on the other hand, it can look like we're trying
to save money on the birthday boy or girl. How about a combination
of both? Give something beautiful from our Asian selection
and at the same time serve your loved one in it an Asian specialty
that you have cooked yourself.