Our services

Laser customization

Conceptual and unique

Give your tabletop a personal touch.
Whether on the cutlery, porcelain, wood or on the glass, laser customization underlines your personal touch.

Write us what you would like to laser. You can upload here the desired motif in .ai or .jpeg format. We would be happy to arrange the details with you.

Cutlery silvering

Shine with silvered cutlery

We are silvering all cutleries from the 18/10 portfolio except of surface and coloured PVD cutlery.

Cutlery engraving

We will engrave a logo or text on your cutlery

When ordering, choose the engraving option in the product details, attach a logo or text.

Painting on the porcelain

We will beautify your porcelain with handmade painting

Contact us and select one of the designs you like. Porcelain is hand painted by our designer.